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Are you worried about how to sack/dismiss an employee?

Dismissing an employee is often stressful but it needn’t be costly. The law allows employee dismissals on many grounds often requiring no payment apart from notice (and in gross misconduct, not even that).

However, it is vital that the correct procedure is followed or a fair dismissal (ie cost free) can become an automatically unfair (ie expensive).

We can provide the following support either remotely via telephone/email or on-site:

  • Risk assessment
  • Managing the investigation.
  • Collecting and collating witness statements.
  • Producing documents and letters.
  • Organising and holding the disciplinary meetings.
  • Managing the dismissal process.

With average costs of defending tribunal claims of around £9000 and tribunals able to make awards of up to £73,000 investing in professional support is a good business decision.

What our clients say

We had been looking to put staff contracts in place for a number of months with a shortlist of potential HR providers tendering for the work. Hornet Solutions offered us a cost effective and tailored solution that works for both Hudson Signs as a company and the staff. Standard templates downloaded from the Internet have their place but will never understand your business on a personal level and be able offer a bespoke staff contracts scheme that not only sets your company’s expectations but offers staff job security and loyalty. Overall I would describe HSL as friendly, efficient and cost effective with a full understanding of our business commercially which helped when tailoring the staff contracts.

Tom Wright. Director. Hudson Signs Limited.

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